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About Bullmandi

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About Bull Mandi

Bull Mandi is the #1 free classified website for online selling and buying all kinds of pet animals and birds in Pakistan.
Now it’s become very easy to sell or purchase all kind of animals or birds. That is why, if you want to sell or purchase your animal, bird, or anything else, then there is no need to go to Bull Market. is the best online market site for selling and purchasing all kinds of animals, birds, and anything else. It is very simple and free to add/publish your Ads as much as you want, after login/registering your account. If you want to purchase an animal or bird, here you will find all kinds of animals and birds, cheaper than Bull Market. So, let’s start buying and selling animals, birds, and anything else by visiting and publishing your ads.

Bull Mandi is the first online classifieds platform for the sale of livestock and pet birds throughout Pakistan.

All the sellers and merchants can upload and post their animals, livestock and pet birds with pictures in just a few simple clicks on this website, while on the other hand, buyers can choose the seller and the animal or bird of their choice and then contact them to arrange delivery and payment. This is a Classified Ads website in Pakistan that is completely free for both sellers and buyers.

Our Mission

The platform was set up over the past few years as a significant increase in the volume of the animal market and also due to limitations associated with the traditional Bull Market, which is unable to ensure fair competition and provide better prices to buyers. That’s why, to fill up this gap,, Pakistan’s largest online Bull Market is a service dedicated to helping you all Buyers and Sellers in Pakistan.

Although we still take good care of our users in, it is urging buyers and sellers to take the necessary precautions and work diligently when shopping and dealing online.

Buyers and Sellers must read our Privacy Policy and Terms of service before publishing their classified ads.

Our Mission

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